Rachana Bhatt Affiliated Faculty and Research Associate, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
Specialties: labor economics, economics of education, public economics
Shiferaw Gurmu Professor of Economics
Specialties: econometrics (especially microeconometrics), applied microeconomics
Barry Hirsch W.J. Usery Chair of the American Workplace and Professor of Economics
Specialties: labor economics
Julie Hotchkiss Adjunct Professor of Economics and Research Economist and Policy Advisor, The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Specialties: labor economics, applied econometrics, applied microeconomics
Bruce Kaufman Professor of Economics and Senior Associate, W.T. Beebe Institute of Personnel and Employment Relations
Specialties: labor economics, industrial relations, human resource management, history of economic thought
Daniel Kreisman Assistant Professor of Economics
Specialties: economics of education, labor economics, public policy.
Cathy Yang Liu Associate Professor of Public Management and Policy
Specialties: urban housing market and labor market
Associate Professor of Economics
Specialties: health economics, public economics, applied microeconomics
Ramsey Chair and Professor of Economics
Specialties: labor, applied econometrics, economic demography.
Distinguished Research Professor of Economics
Specialties: economics of education, applied microeconomics, industrial organization
Associate Professor of Risk Management and Insurance
Specialties: income dynamics, risk-sharing, labor economics and financial economics
Assistant Professor of Economics
Specialties: education economics, labor economics, behavioral economics, applied econometrics
Paula Stephan Professor of Economics
Specialties: economics of science, immigrant scientists, innovation and geography, university scientists
Rusty Tchernis Associate Professor of Economics
Specialties: applied econometrics, health economics, labor economics
Mary Beth Walker Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Innovation
Specialties: applied econometrics, spatial econometrics, education policy evaluation